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Poster:RulingDigitalAppear Date:2011-08-05

Ruling Digital is the leading provider in Taiwanese academic website industry with thousands of prominent clients in most prestigious universities including NTU, NCCU, NTHU, NCTU, and NCKU. We are advancing our current CMS product developed within our very own PHP framework to a brand new open-source and free cloud OS using Rails. This new cloud OS product is estimated to be installed in tens of thousands of university departments. We are excited that this might be one of the best examples of Ruby implementation.

We are looking for Ruby on Rails talents who have at least one year of Rails programming experience and are familiar with any Linux shell. 
Not only are we going to develop a product that guarantees to prevail in academia, but aiming at gaining the fun of creating history with Rubists through Agile approach. 
Show us your passion, and together we shall create history in Ruby


Excluding content management, university departmental website of next generation should be more SharableInteractiveSocialMobile,
 Analyzable and Cloud-capable; meanwhile, it should provide More Fun.

To make this ideal possible, with the data and experience gathered through the collaboration with our partners, RulingDigital has developed university website platform of next generation: "RulingOrbit". It provides possibilities of cross-site applications and seamless One-click software upgrade functionality With Ruby on Rails language and MongoDB NoSQL database.

We believe this is the era of collective wisdom. That's why we are now calling for Ruby community all over the world to participate in the APP developments. With our efforts, we shall grant academic websites a future of unlimited possibility.

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