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RulingDigital's Mission

"To serve the academic community, help them efficiently transform information and ideas into valuable, universally accessible, and easily readable content."

Founded in July 2004, RulingDigital Inc. has developed the first tailor-made platform for the academic community to meet the specific needs of university departments and institutes: RulingSite. We hold true to our mission statement unwaveringly to provide our clients academic websites with more rich content and functionality. Every task in RulingDigital is implemented with our core value "Becoming the Best Partner of Academic Excellence" in mind. In the close partnership we carefully developed with our clients, we learn and improve ourselves to better serve our mission. The collaborative nature of our service team has dramatically increase our client base: from 30 in 2004; 200 in 2006; 400 in 2008; to 800 in 2010; up to now, more than 1,000 university departments have sided with RulingDigital as their first choice to the cyber identity solutions. RulingSite has proven itself worthy of our clients' trust as it takes 42% of Taiwan Top 15 in Webometrics World University Ranking.

To provide comprehensive service to all academic websites, RulingDigital has engineered various kinds of website platform products and services:

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