Service begins with a focus on the user experience

Our customer service team here at RulingDigital has collaborated with all our website clients on the frontier of cyber world in these 7 years of unwavering and stable relationship. With our perseverance and creativity, we have helped our clients with various issues including technical obstacles, functionality modification, hardware crashes, hackers etc. As more than 98% of our clients decided to renew our service contract, we decided to design a system to better serve all our respected partners. The decision leads us to the creation of "RulingCare" in 2011.

RulingCare strives to provide the comprehensive service for academic website operations. At the same time, We put together the RulingStyle design team to provide professional consulting on website aesthetics.

Now, RulingCare will redfine the true meaning of website service as we serve not only webmasters but also teachers and students.

System Implementation
Let the professionals here to help you overcome the most important but also the most difficult initiation phase. 
IT Insurance
Security scan, abnormal connection instant report and backup recovery, the stableness of your website needs us - thededicate and responsible IT partner.
System Integration
Cross-sites info. synchronization, SSO, academic DB, R&D DB, and IR DB Integration. Make your website have content-rich as it goes online.
Customization Service
We understand that others shoes don't always fit so well on you. RulingCare provide you 100% customization service.
Webometrics Consulting
No Cheating guaranteed! We help academic institutes run their websites with meanful rich content to win high visibility and fame over the Internet without any misconduct.

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