National Chiao Tung University

Electronics Engineering Professional Training Center,NCTU
Dep. of Computer Science (Computer Architecture Lab.), NCTU
Institute of Bioinformatics (Biological Information Discovery Lab.), NCTU
Photonic and Optoelectronic Technology Interdisciplinary Center(POETIC), NCTU
National United University College of Hakka Studies
交通大學 大學跨學門科學人才培育銜接計畫
National Chiao Tung University Department of Materials Science and Engineering

College of Science

Dept. of Electrophysics, NCTU
Dept. of Applied Chemistry, NCTU
Dept. of Applied Chemistry (High School Area), NCTU
Institute of Statistics, NCTU
交通大學 理學院

College of Commerce

交通大學 財務金融研究所

College of Engineering

Depat. of Mechanical Engineering, NCTU
Depat. of Mechanical Engineering (High School Area), NCTU
Depat. of Mechanical Engineering (Alumni), NCTU
Institute of Environmental Engineering, NCTU
Institute of Environmental Engineering (Nanoparticle and Air Quality Laboratory), NCTU

College of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dept. of Communication Engineering, NCTU
Dept. of Communication Engineering (High School Area), NCTU
Dept. of Photonics, NCTU
Dept. of Eletrical and Engineering

College of Biological Science and Technology

College of Biological Science and Technology, NCTU
Dept. of Biological Science and Technology, NCTU
Institute of Biochemical Engineering, NCTU
Institute of Bioinformatics, NCTU

College of Humanity and Social Science

Institute of Education, NCTU
Center for Teacher Education, NCTU

Groups for Advancement of Fundamental Science Teaching

Dept. of Electrophysics (General Physics Lab.), NCTU
Calculus Educational Group, NCTU
交通大學 示範實驗室


R.O.C. Taiwan Liquid Crystal Society